About Jasper Cousins

I have always enjoyed making things in 3D, led by my fascination with nature and physics. Having lived most my life in the Forest of Dean I often see animals such as deer & boar roaming around in the woods which is influential to my work. Playing with gravity is something I really enjoy, whether I'm defying it with my creations or with myself as I climb among cliffs or trees.
I was home educated, instead of going to school and sitting in class all day I was messing around making things, and the huge amount of experimentation I was able to do from a young age created the foundations to the artist I am now. My parents are both artists themselves, and were very proactive when it came to helping me learn what I was interested in.

I worked with ceramics, learning to sculpt, fire and glaze it myself, and have sold many pieces now. I learnt to carve green oak from sculptor Phil Bews who does large scale oak sculptures. Went on a course with Mike Abbott to make a chair in green wood using traditional woodworking tools and have since replaced all the chairs in my house with my own! I also learnt basketry and have made baskets to commission. I have made many plasticine stop motion animations, and time lapse animations. This one is of a dragonfly hatching.

From there I decided to try my hand at CG, teaching myself to sculpt in programs such  as Sculptress & Z-Brush , and then to animate in Blender, creating a short film which won me an award, The Day We Met a Dragon, first place in the under 18 section at Animated Exeter.

With the encouragement of some friends I started to learn Unity 3D. After making a small game called Gravity Gobbler, I decided I liked this game making mellark, Unreal engine 4 came out, I started working with that instead and entered a game for the Unreal Engine April 2015 games jam and I won 2nd place. From their I've continued learning the complexities of game development and digital model making, and I am now selling models and awaiting commissions!

I Then went to Hereford College of Arts where I got my first opportunity to work metal, leaping on this opportunity I learnt to solder, braze, mig weld and many techniques for shaping metal. Over my course at Hereford I also got into making kinetic sculptures and have sold a number of these.

If you are interested in commissioning on a sculpture, collaborating on a game or other here is my email!